Controlled Atmosphere

Within the sealed environment of the unique CAT bubble, we release concentrations of Nitrogen or Carbon Dioxide. This effectively eradicates all stages of insect development including eggs and larvae, leaving no harmful residue of any kind. Unlike the conventional alternatives, CAT is a safe, clean treatment that leaves your valuables undamaged and taint-free.

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Vegetables and fruit respire; they take in oxygen (O2) and give off carbon dioxide (CO2). Storing vegetables and fruit in gas-light space leads to the oxygen level in the air reducing and the level of CO2 increasing.

Controlled Atmosphere (CA) is the storage technique whereby oxygen and carbon dioxide levels are measured and regulated. CO@ scrubbers are used in order to regulate the CO2 concentration in the storage area. Air from the cold storage is removed by the scrubber, purified and then fed back in.

No. 1 in CA technology

Van Amerongen is one of the first CA companies and has now existed for 40 years. In this time, they have grown to become the largest supplier of CA systems in the world. We do business in more than 45 countries and on all continents and our extensive experience enables us to always offer you the solution you are seeking.

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Carbon Dioxide Scrubbers

The quality of Carbon Dioxide scrubbers has advanced beyond most expectations using units imported from Europe. Learn more.

Nitrogen Generators

Simplicity of operation and dependability have brought nitrogen systems into the agricultural indus-
try for controlled atmosphere generating equipment. Learn more.

When room pressure fluctuates excessively, the pressure relief valve allows the room pressure to vent avoiding damage to the room and its seals. Learn more.

A requirement for a fully functional automated control system, these butterfly valves isolate the rooms from each other as well as the scrubber during each regeneration cycle. Learn more.

The Nova O2/CO2 Analyzer is used extensively in the agricultural industry for monitoring the atmosphere of Controlled Atmosphere rooms. A very reliable instrument that is locally manufactured and serviced. It is used in manually operated systems. Learn more.

Air Bags are used to minimize the
pressure fluctuations encountered
in the C.A. room. Oxygen infiltration into the C.A. room is also reduced with the use of air bags.Learn more.



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